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Frivolitas cards - a unique cardgame

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What is Frivolita's card game?

The Frivolita project revolves around a very special poker card game that features "real" LARP (Live Action Roleplay) characters on poker cards

in a frivolous and tasteful way, which can be traded and collected as

ingame items at LARP-Conventions.
Over 300 larp players applied in 2019 and 2020 to be part of

the project. The two poker sets each contain 54 different motifs and

represent the diversity and creativity of the larp scene in all its breadth. 

47 Sieben der Schwerter copy.jpg

The cards were financed via crowdfunding and celebrated a successful premiere at Conquest of Mythodea 2019.
The little pieces of art quickly developed into an alternative ingame currency and provided many gaming experiences for cardmodels, traders and card hunters. Especially for non-fighting LARPcharacters, trading the frivolous poker cards offers new ways to play and connects all kinds of characters beyond the convention plot.

Many game stations at the Conquest (taverns, bathhouses traders etc.) have offered the poker cards "under the counter" in exchange for IT currency and other roleplaying values and we continue to strive to make the concept available to as many players as possible.
The project is intended to generate roleplay.
Collecting, searching and trading cards is part of the concept. 

In 2021, the project was expanded in the form of tarot cards and taken to a new level of play as a commissioned work for Burgschneider, the organizer of the Conquest of Mythodea.

The tarot cards are part of the living history of the event and show not only player
characters but also important figures of the Mythodea background and the general lore.
When choosing the drawn players, the artist put special emphasis on a coherent
connection of the shown characters and the meaning of the individual tarot cards. 
All symbolism of the cards show important details from the stories of the players
characters or past and future events of Mythodea LARP events.


Who is Frivolita?

The character of "Frivolita" is represented by the artist Melanie Phantagrafie. 
Frivolita is an LARP character who acts in-game as a free-spirited and independent artist. She distributes her art in the form of poker cards and tarot cards through a ramified network of dealers and middlemen.
Her direct henchmen are universally referred to as "The Parlor Lions".

Her true identity is known only to a few insiders.

Behind the character, the game concept and the graphic design of the project is the artist Melanie Phantagrafie and a small group of dedicated LARPER who support her in the implementation.


How to purchase the cards?
In order not to diminish the ingame value of the poker cards, they are available as an outgame variant. This differs only by
red card back, instead of a black design.
The pokercards are available as outgame-versio
n at McOnis Handelskontor:

Frivolitas Ladies-Edition Pokercards 

Gentlemens-Edition Pokercards


The Tarotcards are available as booster packs at Skald Shop:

Frivolitas Tarot cards

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7 Acht der Kelche.jpg
10 Page der Kelche.jpg
19 Sechs der Münzen.jpg
34 Sieben der Stäbe.jpg
23 Zehn der Münzen_edited.jpg
39 Ritter der Stäbe_edited.jpg
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